At Horseman's Ranch utilities are already in place throughout the development. Water and electric service are provided to the lot line of each property. Upon construction, the property owner is responsible for installing each line to the point of construction.   The following companies and organizations provide utility service to our property owners:

Electric Service:


  • Water is currently provided through a community well. At some future point, Horseman's Ranch will be integrated into the Callisburg Water District. In preparation for that event, each homeowner agrees to pay Horseman's Ranch a fee of $1,800 upon the earlier of (a) 12 months from date of purchase, or (b) the date of construction, to install a water meter on their property.


  • Enderby Gas, Inc.
    Gainesville  940.665.3457
    Whitesboro  903.564.3412
  • Red River Farm Coop
    1330 N. Dixon
    Gainesville, TX

Telephone Service:
            There are various telephone services available, for either land line or cell phone coverage.

  • AT & T Residential 800.222.0300
  • Cox Communication (Gainesville) 940.665.3241
  • Nortex Communications 940.665.3347
  • Sprint (Decatur)  940.627.3000

Internet Service:

  • Nortex Communications 940.665.3347
  • Any Wireless Service like Verizon, Sprint, etc.

Television Service:
            Dish Network and Directv both provide satellite service in the area.   Available through various distributors.

Garbage Pickup Service:

  • Currently trash is deposited up by the arena in the community dumpster.  Picked up each Friday.